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About Butler County

Butler County, Ohio is located in the southwestern corner of the state and is part of the Cincinnati metropolitan area. It was established in 1803 and named after General Richard Butler, a Revolutionary War hero. The first settlers in Butler County were Quakers from North Carolina who arrived in 1796. They were followed by German immigrants in the early 1800s. The county was officially organized in 1803 and the first county seat was Hamilton. The county experienced rapid growth in the 19th century due to its location on the Miami and Erie Canal. This allowed for the transportation of goods and people to and from the county. The canal also helped to spur the development of industry in the area, including the manufacturing of paper, flour, and whiskey. The county also played an important role in the Underground Railroad. It was a major stop on the route for escaped slaves heading north to freedom. During the Civil War, Butler County was home to several Union regiments and was the site of several battles. After the war, the county experienced a period of economic growth and development. In the 20th century, Butler County continued to grow and develop. It became a major center for manufacturing and industry, and the population increased significantly. Today, the county is home to a diverse population and is a major economic hub in the region.

Butler County Facts

  1. Butler County is home to the world's largest indoor waterpark, Kalahari Resorts and Conventions.
  2. Butler County is home to the world's largest Amish population outside of Pennsylvania.
  3. Butler County is home to the world's largest free-flying American flag, located at the Voice of America Park in West Chester.
  4. Butler County is home to the world's largest outdoor drama, Tecumseh!, which is performed at the outdoor amphitheater in the Fort Ancient State Memorial Park.
  5. Butler County is home to the world's largest collection of antique tractors, located at the Antique Tractor Museum in Hamilton.
  6. Butler County is home to the world's largest collection of antique fire engines, located at the Fire Museum of Greater Cincinnati in Hamilton.
  7. Butler County is home to the world's largest collection of antique carousels, located at the Carousel Works in Lebanon.
  8. Butler County is home to the world's largest collection of antique steam engines, located at the Golden Age Steam Museum in Hamilton.

Important Butler County, Ohio Websites:

Common Pleas Court of Butler County, Ohio


Common Pleas Court of Butler County, Ohio Meet the Judges Court Location Telephone Directory Employment Court Location Specialty Courts Court Form & Documents Jurors News About the Courts Probation and Pre-Trial Rules & Resources Transcripts and Language Services A transcript is ordered by submitting a written request on the court-approved form.

Welcome to Area I, II, & III Courts


Butler County Area I-II-III Courts Located In: Oxford, Hamilton & West Chester Address: Area I: 118 West High Street Oxford, OH 45056 Area II: 101 High St, Hamilton, OH 45011 Area III: 9577 Beckett Rd # 300, West Chester , OH 45069 Phone: Area I:513.523.4748 Area II:513.887.3459 Area III:513.867.5070 Directions

Butler County Clerk


Butler County Clerk

Welcome to Butler County Clerk of Courts


Welcome to Butler County Clerk of Courts

Butler County Probate Court - Home


Butler County Probate Court - Hours of Operation. Monday through Friday 8:30am - 4:30pm, excluding holidays **NOTE** All hearings scheduled for 8:30 am docket are internal court reviews - NO Appearance Required. The Name Change and Name Conformity tabs and forms have been updated under Probate Forms. Form 416 W was updated on March 2, 2023.

Butler County Area Courts - Record Search


The Butler County Area Courts computer record information disclosed by the system is current only within the limitations of the Butler County Area Courts data retrieval system. There will be a delay between court filings and judicial action and the posting of such data. The delay could be at least twenty-four hours, and may be longer.

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Butler County was formed by the State of Ohio on March 24, 1803 from portions of Hamilton County. Its county seat is Hamilton, where the first fort was built on the bank of the Great Miami River. It is named for Richard Butler of Pennsylvania, a major general in the American Revolutionary War.

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