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About Hardin County

Hardin County, Ohio is located in the northwest corner of the state and is part of the Toledo Metropolitan Statistical Area. The county was established in 1820 and was named after Colonel John Hardin, a Revolutionary War hero. The first settlers in Hardin County were mostly of German and Irish descent. The first county seat was located in Kenton, which was founded in 1820. The county was originally part of Logan County, but was split off in 1820. The county was largely agricultural in its early years, with the main crops being wheat, corn, and oats. The county also had a thriving livestock industry, with sheep, cattle, and hogs being the main animals raised. In the late 19th century, the county began to industrialize, with the establishment of several factories and mills. The county also saw an influx of immigrants, mostly from Germany and Ireland. The county was also home to several Native American tribes, including the Wyandot, Shawnee, and Miami. The county was also home to several Civil War battles, including the Battle of Fort Stephenson and the Battle of Buffington Island. The county has seen a population boom in recent years, with the population increasing from around 30,000 in 2000 to over 40,000 in 2020. The county is home to several small towns and villages, including Kenton, Ada, Forest, and Dunkirk. The county is home to several parks and recreational areas, including the Hardin County State Park, the Hardin County Nature Preserve, and the Hardin County Historical Society. The county is also home to several museums, including the Hardin County Historical Museum and the Hardin County Museum of Natural History. The county is also home to several colleges and universities, including Ohio Northern University, Bluffton University, and the University of Findlay. The county is also home to several hospitals, including Hardin Memorial Hospital and Blanchard Valley Hospital.

Hardin County Facts

  1. Hardin County is home to the world's largest cuckoo clock, located in the village of Mt. Victory.
  2. Hardin County is home to the world's largest basket, located in the village of Dresden.
  3. Hardin County is home to the world's largest sycamore tree, located in the village of Kenton.
  4. Hardin County is home to the world's largest wooden shoe, located in the village of Alger.
  5. Hardin County is home to the world's largest rocking chair, located in the village of Ada.
  6. Hardin County is home to the world's largest wooden spoon, located in the village of Forest.
  7. Hardin County is home to the world's largest wooden spoon collection, located in the village of Dunkirk.
  8. Hardin County is home to the world's largest collection of antique tractors, located in the village of Roundhead.
  9. Hardin County is home to the world's largest collection of antique cars, located in the village of Belle Center.
  10. 1 Hardin County is home to the world's largest collection of antique farm equipment, located in the village of Ridgeway.

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Welcome to HardinCourts.com


Hardin County Municipal Court Address: P.O. Box 250 111 West Franklin Street Kenton, OH 43326 Administration: Judge: Gregory A. Grimslid Magistrate: Colleen M. O'Connell Clerk: Emily Kissling Contact Info: Phone: (419) 674-4362 Fax: (419) 674-4096 Hardin County Probate Court Address: One Courthouse Square, Suite 210 Kenton, OH 43326 Administration:

Hardin County Probate Court


Hardin County Probate Court The Ohio Revised Code places over two hundred separate duties upon the Hardin County Probate Court. The term "probate" comes from the Latin word probatio, meaning "to prove", wherein matters in early English religious courts were proven before an ecclesiastical judge.

Hardin County Juvenile Court


Although there is a court of common pleas in each of Ohio's 88 counties, Hardin County is one of 71 courts that have both a probate and juvenile division. The Courts of Common Pleas are established by the Ohio Constitution in Article IV, Section 1, while the Juvenile Courts are specialized divisions which were created by the Ohio Revised Code.

Ohio Courts


The Supreme Court of Ohio maintains a list of courts in the state, including municipal, county, common pleas, claims, and appellate courts. Launch Ohio Courts Ohio Courts. This link will open in a new window. Resource Details Published: August 12, 2022; Source: Supreme Court of Ohio ...

Ohio Northern District Court | PACER: Federal Court Records


Court's Name Northern District of Ohio Youngstown; Court's Address: 337 U.S. Federal Building & Courthouse, 125 Market Street, Youngstown, Ohio 44503-1780: Court's Phone Number (330) 884-7400: Court's Email Address: [email protected]: Court's Hours: 9 AM - 4 PM

Hardin County Ohio Court - The Court Direct


Hardin County Courthouse 1 Courthouse Square, Suite 210, Kenton, OH 43326 Phone: 419-674-2230 Fax: 419-674-2274 Municipal Courts in Hardin County Hardin County Municipal Court 111 W Franklin St, PO Box 250, Kenton, OH 43326 Phone: 419-674-4362 Fax: 419-674-4096 Counties is Ohio

Hardin County Court of Common Pleas - CourtReference.com


The Hardin County Prosecutor's Victim Assistance Program provides crime victims with information about their rights, protection orders, court accompaniment, case status notification, referrals, and assistance with victim impact statements and applications for victims' compensation. Domestic Violence Legal Assistance.



HARDIN COUNTY STATE OF OHIO, PLAINTIFF-APPELLEE, CASE NO. 6-22-16 v. NIKKI NICOLE BARNETT, O P I N I O N DEFENDANT-APPELLANT. Appeal from Hardin County Common Pleas Court Trial Court No. CRI 20212203 Judgment Affirmed in Part and Reversed in Part Date of Decision: March 6, 2023 ...

Hardin County Ohio Court Directory | CourtReference.com


Hardin County Court of Common Pleas - Juvenile Division. Hardin County Courthouse. 1 Courthouse Square, Suite 200 , Kenton , OH 43326. Phone: 419-674-2233. Fax: 419-675-2941. 3.

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