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About Highland County

Highland County, Ohio is located in the southwestern part of the state and is part of the Appalachian region. It was formed in 1805 from parts of Adams, Ross, and Clermont counties. The county was named for its hilly terrain, which is part of the Appalachian Plateau. The first settlers in Highland County were mostly of German and Scotch-Irish descent. They arrived in the early 1800s and began to establish farms and small towns. The county was officially organized in 1807 and the first county seat was located in Hillsboro. The county experienced rapid growth in the mid-1800s due to the construction of the Miami and Erie Canal. This allowed for easier transportation of goods and people, and the county's population grew rapidly. The county also experienced a boom in the timber industry, as the area was rich in hardwood forests. The Civil War had a major impact on Highland County. Many of the county's residents enlisted in the Union Army, and the county was the site of several skirmishes. After the war, the county's economy shifted to focus more on agriculture, and the population continued to grow. In the late 1800s, Highland County was home to several industries, including coal mining, brick making, and glass manufacturing. The county also became a popular tourist destination, as it was home to several natural attractions, such as the Rocky Fork State Park. Highland County experienced a decline in population in the early 1900s, as many of its residents moved to larger cities in search of better job opportunities. However, the county has experienced a resurgence in recent years, as many people have moved back to the area to take advantage of its rural charm and natural beauty. Today, Highland County is home to a diverse population and is a popular destination for outdoor recreation.

Highland County Facts

  1. Highland County is the second least populated county in Ohio.
  2. The county is home to the oldest covered bridge in Ohio, the Adams Covered Bridge, which was built in 186
  3. The county is home to the oldest continuously operating fair in Ohio, the Highland County Fair, which has been held since 185
  4. The county is home to the oldest continuously operating post office in Ohio, the Hillsboro Post Office, which has been in operation since 180
  5. The county is home to the oldest continuously operating school in Ohio, the Hillsboro High School, which has been in operation since 180
  6. The county is home to the oldest continuously operating newspaper in Ohio, the Hillsboro Times-Gazette, which has been in operation since 183
  7. The county is home to the oldest continuously operating bank in Ohio, the Hillsboro Bank, which has been in operation since 184
  8. The county is home to the oldest continuously operating church in Ohio, the Hillsboro Presbyterian Church, which has been in operation since 181
  9. The county is home to the oldest continuously operating library in Ohio, the Hillsboro Public Library, which has been in operation since 187
  10. 1 The county is home to the oldest continuously operating cemetery in Ohio, the Hillsboro Cemetery, which has been in operation since 180

Important Highland County, Ohio Websites:

Highland County Clerk of Courts


Common Pleas Division Phone 937-393-9957 Fax 937-393-9878 The Clerk maintains records for the General Division (Civil/Criminal) and the Domestic Relations Division of the Court of Common Pleas in Highland County and for Highland County generated cases to the 4th District Court of Appeals.

Highland County Court


Mailing Address. Highland County Court PO Box 378 Greenfield, Ohio 45123

Highland County Probate/Juvenile Court


Highland County Court of Common Pleas, Probate Division is commonly called Probate Court. The jurisdiction of Probate Court is described in Ohio Revised Code Section 2101.24. Functions include settling of estates, granting marriage licenses, guardianship of individuals who might be mentally impaired.

Municipal Court / Hillsboro, OH


The public record information viewed on this Web site reflects the docket entries and information required by Ohio law to be kept by the Hillsboro Municipal Court. This information is current as of the previous business day and information is only updated every (24) twenty-four hours, excluding weekends and legal holidays.

Highland County Court Records Search (Ohio) - County Office


Highland County Court Records are public records, documents, files, and transcripts associated with court cases and court dockets available in Highland County, Ohio. Courts in Highland County maintain records on everything that occurs during the legal process for future reference, including appeals.

Highland County Court of Common Pleas - CourtReference.com


Highland County Court of Common Pleas - General and Domestic Relations Divisions 105 N High St, PO Box 821 Hillsboro , OH 45133 Phone: 937-393-9957 Fax: 937-393-9878 Website | Directions We're sorry your court map could not be found. Click here to navigate to Bing Maps. Online Court Resources

Record Search - Hillsboro Municipal Court

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