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About Morgan County

Morgan County is located in the southeastern part of Ohio and is part of the Appalachian region. It was formed in 1817 from portions of Washington and Muskingum counties. The county was named after General Daniel Morgan, a Revolutionary War hero. The first settlers in the area were mostly of German and English descent. The first county seat was located in McConnelsville, which was founded in 1819. The county was primarily agricultural, with the main crops being wheat, corn, and oats. In the mid-1800s, the county experienced a period of rapid growth. The Ohio and Erie Canal was built through the county, connecting it to the rest of the state. This allowed for increased trade and commerce, and the population of the county grew significantly. The county also experienced a period of industrialization in the late 1800s. The first coal mine in the county opened in 1872, and the first oil well was drilled in 1884. The county also had several glass factories, which produced bottles and jars for the local market. The county continued to grow throughout the 20th century. The population peaked in 1950 at over 30,000 people. The county has since experienced a decline in population, but it remains an important part of the region. Today, Morgan County is home to several small towns and villages, as well as the cities of McConnelsville and Stockport. The county is known for its scenic beauty, with rolling hills, forests, and rivers. It is also home to several state parks, including Burr Oak State Park and Wolf Run State Park.

Morgan County Facts

  1. Morgan County was founded in 1817 and is named after General Daniel Morgan, a Revolutionary War hero.
  2. The county seat is McConnelsville, which is the oldest settlement in the county.
  3. Morgan County is home to the oldest covered bridge in Ohio, the Roseville Covered Bridge.
  4. Morgan County is home to the oldest continuously operating fair in Ohio, the Morgan County Fair.
  5. Morgan County is home to the oldest continuously operating post office in Ohio, the McConnelsville Post Office.
  6. Morgan County is home to the oldest continuously operating school in Ohio, the McConnelsville Academy.
  7. Morgan County is home to the oldest continuously operating church in Ohio, the McConnelsville Methodist Church.
  8. Morgan County is home to the oldest continuously operating newspaper in Ohio, the Morgan County Herald.
  9. Morgan County is home to the oldest continuously operating bank in Ohio, the McConnelsville Bank.
  10. 1 Morgan County is home to the oldest continuously operating library in Ohio, the McConnelsville Public Library.

Important Morgan County, Ohio Websites:

Morgan County Clerk of Courts

Morgan County Clerk of Courts. Morgan County Courthouse 19 East Main St. McConnelsville, OH 43756. Carma Johnson - Clerk of Courts. Brittany Wiseman - Deputy Clerk. Amanda Kangas - Titles Clerk. Phone: 740-962-4752. Fax: 740-962-4522. Home. Elected Officials. Auditor ...

Morgan County Court of Common Pleas -

Morgan County Court of Common Pleas Morgan County Courthouse 19 E Main St McConnelsville , OH 43756 Phone: 740-962-4752 Fax: 740-962-4522 Website | Directions We're sorry your court map could not be found. Click here to navigate to Bing Maps. Online Court Resources

Morgan County Court in Mcconnelsville, OH - Court Information

Morgan County Court 37 East Main Street, Mcconnelsville, OH 43756 Morgan County Court System Type: environmental cases, small claims cases, municipal court cases., probate cases, special litigation cases, guardianship cases Division: Contact Information: Phone Number: 740-962-4031 Fax: 740-962-2895 Email: [email protected]

Morgan County Court Records Search (Ohio) - County Office

Morgan County Court Records are public records, documents, files, and transcripts associated with court cases and court dockets available in Morgan County, Ohio. Courts in Morgan County maintain records on everything that occurs during the legal process for future reference, including appeals.

Morgan County Common Pleas Court

Morgan County Courthouse 19 East Main St. McConnelsville, OH 43756 J.R. Wilson - Chief Juvenile Probation Officer Phone: 740-962-1378 Troy Leopold - Juvenile Probation Officer and Community Service Coordinator Phone: 740-962-1377 Matt Cook - Adult Probation Officer Phone: 740-962-1383

Contact Information - Morgan County, Ohio

County Court... Morgan County Court Jury Duty Information. Engineer... Engineer's Page Morgan County GIS Page Tax Maps. Prosecutor... Prosecutor's Office Victim's Advocate. Recorder... Recorder's Office Online Indexes. Sheriff Treasurer. ... Morgan County Local Government Contact Information

Morgan County Arrest, Court, and Public Records |

Morgan County Courthouse 19 East Main Street McConnelsville, OH 43756 Phone: (740) 962-4752 Fax: (740) 962-4522 Morgan County does charge per record copy. Marriage certificates in Morgan County will set a person back $50 for a first copy. NOTE - To get hold of records, Morgan County occupants must follow a number of guidelines.

Morgan County, Ohio

Morgan County, Ohio The Morgan County Commissioners are accepting quotes for lawn care services for the Morgan County Health Department and Morgan County Public Transit office locations. Click HERE for additional details and application instructions. REGISTER YOUR NEED FOR HIGH-SPEED INTERNET ACCESS TODAY!

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