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About Trumbull County

Trumbull County, Ohio is located in the northeastern part of the state and is part of the Mahoning Valley region. It was established in 1800 and named after Jonathan Trumbull, the Revolutionary War Governor of Connecticut. The county was originally part of the Connecticut Western Reserve, a tract of land set aside by the federal government for the settlement of Revolutionary War veterans. The first settlers in Trumbull County were mostly of English and German descent. The county was largely agricultural, with the main crops being wheat, corn, and oats. The county also had a thriving lumber industry, with the Mahoning River providing an important transportation route for the lumber. In the mid-1800s, the county experienced a period of rapid growth and development. The population increased from just over 10,000 in 1850 to over 40,000 by 1880. This growth was largely due to the development of the iron and steel industry in the area. The county was home to several steel mills, including the Youngstown Sheet and Tube Company, which was one of the largest steel producers in the country. The county also experienced a period of industrialization in the early 20th century. The county was home to several automobile manufacturers, including the Packard Motor Car Company and the General Motors Corporation. The county also had a thriving oil and gas industry, with several oil refineries located in the area. Trumbull County has a rich history of political activism. The county was a major center of the labor movement in the early 20th century, and was home to several prominent labor leaders, including John L. Lewis and Samuel Gompers. The county was also a major center of the civil rights movement in the 1960s and 1970s, with several prominent civil rights leaders, including Martin Luther King Jr., visiting the area. Today, Trumbull County is a diverse and vibrant community. The county is home to several universities and colleges, including Youngstown State University and Kent State University. The county is also home to several museums and cultural attractions, including the National McKinley Birthplace Memorial and the Butler Institute of American Art. The county is also home to several professional sports teams, including the Mahoning Valley Scrappers minor league baseball team.

Trumbull County Facts

  1. Trumbull County is home to the world’s largest rubber band ball, which was created by Joel Waul in 2010 and weighs over 9,000 pounds.
  2. Trumbull County is home to the world’s oldest operating amusement park, Idora Park, which opened in 189
  3. Trumbull County is home to the world’s largest cuckoo clock, which stands at over 20 feet tall.
  4. Trumbull County is home to the world’s largest collection of antique tractors, which is housed at the Trumbull County Historical Society.
  5. Trumbull County is home to the world’s largest collection of antique fire engines, which is housed at the Warren Firefighters Museum.
  6. Trumbull County is home to the world’s largest collection of antique carousels, which is housed at the National Carousel Museum.
  7. Trumbull County is home to the world’s largest collection of antique dolls, which is housed at the Doll Museum of Trumbull County.

Important Trumbull County, Ohio Websites:

Trumbull County Clerk of Courts

The Clerk of Courts of Common Pleas is responsible for various administrative and ministerial duties in conjunction with the Court of Common Pleas. These duties include filing, docketing, indexing, and preserving all court pleadings for civil, felony criminal and domestic relations cases.

Trumbull County Common Pleas Court General Division

The common pleas courts in Trumbull County are divided into several divisions: General, Family Court (Domestic Relations and Juvenile) and Probate. The General Division has original jurisdiction to hear all adult felony and serious misdemeanor criminal cases as well as all civil cases.

Home - Trumbull County, Ohio

Trumbull County, the county seat, located in Warren, Ohio, consists of a combination of both urban and rural communities situated in the northeast corner of Ohio. It is situated roughly between the Youngstown, Cleveland, and Akron corridors. It was established on July 10, 1800, serving as the seventh county in the Northwest Territory.

Central District Court

The Trumbull County Central District Court, located in Cortland, Ohio, serves the following communities: Cortland Fowler Johnston Green Mecca Bazetta The court consists of only one judge, Thomas A. Campbell. .

Trumbull County Probate Court

TRUMBULL COUNTY PROBATE COURT JAMES A. FREDERICKA, PROBATE JUDGE COURTHOUSE, FIRST FLOOR 161 HIGH STREET NW WARREN, OHIO 44481 TEL: 330-675-2521 FAX: 330-675-3024 COVID-19 VACCINATIONS For information concerning COVID-19 vaccinations, please visit the Trumbull County Combined Health District at WWW.TCCHD.ORG

Trumbull County Eastern District Court

The Trumbull County Eastern District Court, located in Brookfield, Ohio, serves the following communities: Brookfield Township Masury Yankee Lake Village Burghill Gustavus Hartford Kinsman Orangeville Village Vernon Judge Marty D. Nosich is the only Judge presiding at the Court.

Trumbull County Family Court

Trumbull County Family Court 220 Main Avenue SW Warren, Ohio 44481 (330) 675-2600 ...

Trumbull County Central District Court - Record Search

The Trumbull County Central District Court computer record information disclosed by the system is current only within the limitations of the Trumbull County Central District Court data retrieval system. There will be a delay between court filings and judicial action and the posting of such data.

Trumbull County courts | News, Sports, Jobs - Tribune Chronicle

Closed cases Cases closed in Trumbull County Feb. 21-24: ... Trumbull County courts Local News. Mar 5, 2023. ... COURT OF APPEALS. STATE OF OHIO EX REL RONALD MANDAMUS BLOODWORTH vs. DAVIS WARDEN ...

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